For Christmas on both Night and Day this year the Admin hosted Snowball Fights! Due to a small snafu on Night a couple of the headers did not properly distribute Snowballs. To give everyone a fair opportunity to participate in the Fight and vie for Top Ten spots a re-do Snowball fight was held on December 30th!

Needless to say over those two days and between the two games a lot of Snowballs were thrown! On Christmas Day the Vampires pulled out the win on Night with 787 Snowball Points and the Lycans were victorious on Day with 1,330 Snowball Points. Both fights were close and had other species snapping on their heels with there being only 25 points difference on Night! Those that were able to find Snowballs were being very competitive!

The December 30th Snowball Fight on Night saw a turning of the tide! The Lycans emerged with the win with a fantastic 2,290 Snowball Points! The Vampires were still ready to put up a fight tho and logged a very impressive 2,115 points! We also need to give a shout out to the Vampires and Hunters of Immortal Day who were battling with 1,293 and 1,107 Snowball Points respectively.

This Snowball Fight wasn't just about throwing snow. If you wanted to boost your ability to score points for your team you could also mine for Coal and then shove that into your Snowballs! If you were successful with your Snowball you earned one point for your team, but if you were successful with a Coal filled Snowball you earned 3 points! Immortals were working hard not only for their Species teams, but also to get themselves into the Top Ten Hall of Fame for Snowball Points earned! On Night two Top 10 Snowballer Hall of Fame lists were rewarded, but only one trophy was provided to them with the winners scores for each fight noted.

The Top Ten Night Snowballers on Christmas Day were: Strife. [3167861] - 66 points, Kavika -QC- [1250885] - 51 points, Yoona [2230466] - 48 points, Lady Meliora Darkblood [2563749] - 45 points, Fires [1764259] - 42 points, Oldmission [3164811] - 36 points, Poe. [1680043] - 36 points, Occam iL Caduto [915584] - 36 points, Annihilator59 [35712] - 32 points, Fenrir13 [3089545] - 30 points and Almost Heaven [3171026] - 30 points!!
The Top Ten Night Snowballers on December 30th were: SkullKandy of Darkness [3057921] - 90 points, Secundus Fortunae [1127382] - 76 points, Fenrir13 [3089545] - 72 points, Lady Meliora Darkblood [2563749] - 72 points, **Grim-Reaper** [362163] - 70 points, THE GREMLIN FLASHER [3022486] - 67 points, Loucanos Darkblood [572817] - 57 points, Sapphira Heratio [1670684] - 54 points, Kerrigan. [3115729] - 53 points, Rock_Monkey [199559] - 46 points!!

The Top Ten Snowballers on Day were: Grave Robber [206763] - 145 points - Hunter, Emi [1510] - 138 points - Hunter, Vivian Silverpaw [2288] - 82 points - Lycan, Uncle Fester [52275] - 75 points - Lycan, Cece Love Shadowpaw [145250] - 60 points - Lycan, Synful DeSchain [100943] - 57 points - Vampire, Villain in Glasses [214908] - 57 points - Hybrid Zombie, Absynthe [174669] - 54 points - Hybrid, _Bloodmistress_Addams [150121] - 52 points - Vampire, CricketX [94185] - 52 points - Hunter and Shadow Ace Thor [1265] - 52 points - Vampire!!

The Top Tens got some really nice prizes in keeping with their awesome jobs in addition to the winners getting trophies, so it always pays to participate in these special wars! The trophies and prizes are great, but these wars are always a lot of fun and provide opportunities to interact with others in the community you may not otherwise. So for the next war, be sure to get in there swinging or throwing or smashing, whatever it requires and have some great fun and win some fantastic prizes!

On November 24th the Immortal Games celebrated the American Thanksgiving holiday, but Immortals from all over the world were invited to take part in the festivities!

The point of Thanksgiving is, of course, to give thanks, but it is also about FOOD! Plenty of which could be had for our celebrations! The Race to Thanksgiving Dinner had Immortals flying all over the world to find specific food items to bring to the Ancients table for their special Thanksgiving dinner! There was a ten minute time limit to this race, so Immortals had to be hopping or find themselves locked out of the dinner and their prize! They only got one shot at the race, so they had to make sure they were distraction free and on point to do it!

To keep the feasting going Immortals were invited to compete against each other in the Pie Eating Contest! This contest pits 5 Immortals against each other where they have to see who can eat the most pies in 5 minutes by choosing a series of actions. Each action takes time and will either increase their fullness reducing their ability to eat more or reduce their fullness increasing their ability to eat more. Phew! Lots of decidion making there, but it paid off for those who made the Top 5 Pie Eaters Hall of Fame on both games! On Night they were: Fenrir13 [3089545] - 12 Victories, Lord Wolfy [3102387] - 12 Victories, Cho [3158433] - 8 Victories, Silvara War [846047] - 5 Victories and #Hollywood Jones. [1982938] - 4 Victories!! On Day they were: Uncle Fester [52275] - 11 Victories, Lord Wolfy [133802] - 11 Victories, Charlie Rogers [192067] - 6 Victories, Calistra [184077] - 5 Victories and Danny J. Wiggins [169662] - 5 Victories!!

You would think that would be enough, but no, we also had the Traditional Turkey Hunt game back this year where Immortals hunted turkeys on the grid. They competed against each other to see who could hunt the Turkeys the fastest in a furious flurry of flying feathers! These twenty Immortals were more than up to the challenge as they made the Top Ten Fastest Turkey Hunters on both Night and Day! On Day the Fastest Turkey Hunters and their times were: 1. Valid [113853] 113 seconds, 2. Lord Wolfy [133802] 175 seconds, 3. Borden [141086] 192 seconds, 4. Cakelover [192330] 208 seconds, 5. ~*~Pazima~*~ [128] 249 seconds, 6. PR BLOOD [817] 266 seconds, 7. Mesperyian [92395] 316 seconds, 8. Uncle Fester [52275] 322 seconds, 9. Emi [1510] 333 seconds and 10. Slick Slip [168295] 355 seconds!! On Night the Fastest Turkey Hunters and their times were: 1. Lord Wolfy [3102387] 167 seconds, 2. Manyakh [3135036] 252 seconds, 3. Sapphira Heratio [1670684] 269 seconds, 4. Dicentra Draco [2106372] 283 seconds, 5. -Carnage- [2258917] 291 seconds, 6. Fenrir13 [3089545] 294 seconds, 7. Goddfrey [1202472] 332 seconds, 8. Yoona [2230466] 336 seconds, 9. Eva Blackbird [1367187] 342 seconds and 10.Hyuna Kim [3088956] 343 seconds!!

To complete the celebrations Immortals were able to bet on the American Football games that were played that day through the Sportsbook and were able to get an Admin Avenger Raffle Ticket for every donation in 5 Dollar increments! The Admin Avenger is super fun, those that won got to pick 7 attacks to be carried out by an Admin of their choosing! It's a great opportunity to o have Admins do your dirty work and even send an accompanying message should you choose! Immortals scooped up those raffle tickets while getting the All About Pie Donator Pack, which included 3 different types of Pie Nourishments and a collectible Pie Server and the Horn of Plenty pack, which as advertised, had plenty of very fun and very useful items in it!! It was a day of bounty with plenty to be Thankful for!
We remembered remembered the 5th of November!! In a tip of the hat to our UK Immortals, we modified the Bonfire competition that we have done a couple times before to be more fitting for Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night as it is commonly called.

The teams were changed from thirteen to four and renamed: Lords, Kings, Guys and Revelers! participation was still optional so Immortals had to sign up in order to take part. Once sign up was complete Admin assigned the players to the teams to ensure fairness. Of course the object was to have your team build a bigger Bonfire than the other teams! This was done by finding fuel throughout the game to throw on your fire. Each of the fuel items had a value assigned to it to determine how much bigger your Bonfire got from it.

Interestingly, the Team on both Night and Day with the biggest Bonfires were the Guys! Good thing we're not re-doing history here huh? Anyway The Guys all got the collectible items of A Guy, English Pennies, Sparklers, Roasted Weenies, Smores and Blankets as prizes for their winning Bonfires!

With the holidays and special events come Specialty Icons! These icons are a great way to show your spirit for the holiday or event and support the game while doing so. The Special Icon History is available to those with Character Bios, that means you can always have an account of those things you have participated in.

The fourth quarter of 2016 had 3 events that offered specialty icons this year. The first was one of the biggies in the Immortal world, Halloween! For Halloween this year we went old school with our icons. Icons of a classic Vampire and Warewolf adorned profile pages from players all over the world! Both the Wolf Pack and the Drac Packs also had 5 bombs each an appropriate Jack O Lantern Collectible Jack and 5 Compulsion Capsules that compulsed your victim into either, dropping cash, going to capture or Recovery for a time or complete Silence for 5 minutes! The Compulsion Capsules were also a stand alone offering on Day, but for both games their usefulness rant out on November 20th. From then on they were good for Collectible Cabinets only.

The Thanksgiving holiday also had two packs offered, tho only one of them had an icon. The All About Pie Pack was offered with a Slice of Pumpkin Pie Icon, 25 Slices of each Pumpkin, Pecan and Apple Pie and a Silver Tiffany Pie Server Collectible Item! The second pack offered was the Horn of Plenty DP and for sure, it had plenty in it! On Night it had: 4 Turkey Bombs, which bombed a player into 100% Fullness and sent them to Recovery for bloating; 2 Thank Yous, which allowed the user to Thank another player by refilling their useful header bars to full capacity and send a message with it; 2 Boosted Blood of the Ancients, which are twice as effective as regular BOA; 2 Green Goblin Juices, which restores your Health; 2 Mayo Donuts, with which you could prevent your enemy from eating for 10 minutes and 2 Smacks, which entitles the user to Smack another player into recovery for a short stint and stuns them into silence for a 5 minute interval! On Day the Horn of Plenty pack had 4 Turkey Bombs, 4 Thank Yous, 4 Boosted Blood of the Ancients and 4 Mayo Donuts!

The last event of the year, which also happens to be the biggest was Christmas and the special icon offered was a Christmas Bauble. The Pack boasted 600 Gold Pieces, 200 IQ, a Wrapped Gift, which was a Collectible item on its own, but if a user chose to open it there were lots of fabulous goodies inside. Some of the awesome items you could get in your gift were Vitality Tonics, Hybrid Venoms, Gold, Dragon Melatonin & Adrenaline (Night only), Cheer and Bah Humbugs (Day only), Stat Potions, Bombs and even gems!! Determination Fermentations and Boosted Blood Of The Ancients were also offered as stand alone items for the first time ever!

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving and there was a lot to be given and received on the Immortals games! We had quests and missions and events galore to celebrate the holidays and at the end of each quest, mission and event and sometimes during there was a present to be gotten!

The fun really started on the 20th when the Christmas banners went up and everyone started getting excited for the celebrations. The Donator Pack went on sale and within it was a Wrapped Gift to start off the season. Immortals had to choose whether to keep this Wrapped Gift to display in their Collectible Cabinets or open it and see what treasures were inside! Another gift was that for the first time ever Immortals were able to Boosted Blood of the Ancients and Determination Fermentations, two of the most highly coveted items ingame, on their own! No pack or bundle required! Ooh what a glorious sight, we're happy tonight! Holiday Scratch Tickets were also available for gifting and scratching and winning! And that was just the start!

On December 23rd the North Pole Quest was released! For those of you that don't know Violets Varieties shop is always in the North Pole for Christmas and you need to complete this North Pole quest in order to be able to get to that city and the shop! While the quest wasn't particularly difficult, it wasn't always obvious either and Immortals had to put on their thinking caps to work their way through it. There was a really big pay off at the end tho because not only did you get to go to the North Pole and Violets Varieties, but you also got 3 Christmas Rubies. *Make appropriate Oooh noise here* These Christmas Rubies were needed in another event that was coming up, but more on that later. You also got Christmas Rubies from casting your vote on the Christmas Polls that were released! The results say that the majority of Immortals who voted decorate a bit for the Holidays, with only 14% on each game taking the Bah Humbug route. Similarly Ham took the popular vote as the main meal for Christmas Dinner on both games with Turkey as a close second. Goose was the big loser on both sites, with the "Other" category getting a fairly large number of votes. It really makes me wonder what "Other" was being ett. My other was quiche by the way :P Lastly, both Night and Day Immortals agree that it is best to both give and recieve gifts during the holidays. I would have to agree with that one...I'm dying to play my HP trivia game :P

The big guns got introduced on the 24th and we discovered what we needed all those Christmas Rubies for! The Fire and Ice Mission! Our Immortal Christmas tree with all the gifts for all the Immortals had been sucked into a magic portal and frozen over with Arctic Legend Ice! To break through it, players needed to trade their Christmas Rubies for other items needed to get through the portal where their Christmas Present was awaiting them! Additional Rubies could be found by doing assignments, prowling and even Admin were kind enough to dole out a few, but the most Christmas Rubies came from the Magic Frosty Game!

Frosty was a magical Snowman that was bopping all around or Immortal world. The goal was to catch him and snatch his coal eyes in order to crush them and see if there were diamonds inside! If you found Coal Diamonds you could exchange them in the Hall of Presents for gifts! You could exchange Coal Diamonds for up to 10 presents and within some of them were Christmas Rubies! Even tho you could only exchange for 10 gifts you still could find those Coal Diamonds and get yourself into the Top Ten for Most Coal Diamonds found!

The Top Ten on Night were: 1 Virginia Hyde [1286359] 98 Diamonds, 2 Strife. [3167861] 64 Diamonds, 3 Oldmission [3164811] 58 Diamonds, 4 THE GREMLIN FLASHER [3022486] 56 Diamonds, 5 The Gambler [2075126] 53 Diamonds, 6 ~red~ [1016547] 48 Diamonds, 7 SkullKandy of Darkness [3057921] 43 Diamonds, 8 Dr.Evil [2362219] 37 Diamonds, 9 Lady Meliora Darkblood [2563749] 36 Diamonds and 10 Vamphyri Vengeance [3042317] 35 Diamonds!!
The Top Ten on Day were: 1 Grave Robber [206763] 174 Diamonds, 2 Finn Balor [3163] 171 Diamonds, 3 .Z. [28416] 169 Diamonds, 4 .X. [116956] 163 Diamonds, 5 Uncle Fester [52275] 141 Diamonds, 6 Emi [1510] 98 Diamonds, 7 gatlingpeas [214430] 97 Diamonds, 8 The Tax Collector [183579] 89 Diamonds, 9 Vivian Silverpaw [2288] 89 Diamonds, 10 Dr Charlotte Preston [35270] 75 Diamonds and 11 Synful DeSchain [100943] 75 Diamonds!!

The 25th brought on the Christmas Snowball Fight, which was detailed previously in this newsletter. It was also the last day for the Holiday House Banner submissions, which is another tradition on the Immortal games. We had some fantastic submissions but ultimately Nikita and Violet had to decide on just 3 winners for each of the games. On Day they were:
First Place: Post 4 - Rayne [100648] - posting for Sinister Urge
Second Place: Post 6 - Azhure [15645] - posting for The Dark Order
Third Place: Post 11 - .Vendetta. [132272] - Posting for Notorious Killers
On Night they were:
First Place: Post 9 - Santas Helper [1284872] - posting for The Eureka Stockade
Second Place: Post 7 - highlandknight [3093260] - posting for The Highlands
Third Place: Post 3 - Aelithia Toxic [2721186] - Posting for Gothams Reckoning

It was definitely a fun and event filled Holiday and a joy to be a part of. We thank you all so much for spending so much of your holiday season with us on the Immortal games and hope you had as much fun at home as we did on the games together. See you same time next year!

Recent Offerings from Violets Varieties.
Violets Varieties was open twice this quarter on both games, but they were the biggest two shops of the year! The first was the Halloween shop London and it had a spooky classic Halloween feel. The second shop was the Christmas Shop and as is tradition, it was in the North Pole! Immortals had to complete the North Pole Quest first in order for the city to be revealed to them. Once that was completed they could fly to the North Pole as often as they liked to partake of the merry and bright goodies of the shop! long as they didn't go over their purchasing limits of course. ;)

The Halloween shop was great and so much fun to put together this year. The theme was a bit on that dark side, but that's how we Immortals like it! We had Blood Spatter Cookies, which as you can imagine are a big hit with our set! Bloody Milk Shake Shots, that I can't imagine anyone not loving! Candy Corn Swirl Cookies, Candy Corn Cake and Halloween Whoopie Pies for a bit of festive orange in the mix. We had Decadently Dark Candy Apples and Caramel Apple Snickers Cake for a nod to the fruit of the season. Dirt Pudding Parfaits, Salted Caramel Chocolate Cookies and Cameo Cookies we a bit of a darker side of the festivities. The Drakahlua Martini and Wolfsbane Cocktail would put anyone in the Halloween Spirit! The Black and White Lollipop Bouquet was a bit of cheeky fun and the Crystal Ball Collectible item lent its weight for this to be one of the most fantastic Halloween Shops ever! The Crystal Ball was a one use item that allows you to grant another user of the Crystal Balls choosing a Boon from your Inventory and in return you might receive one yourself from the Ancients!

The Christmas shop was merry and bright compared to the Halloween shop, but it should be! The North Pole was full of cheer this year starting with the Peppermint Marshmallows! They just begged to be squished before they were eaten! The rich and creamy Peanut Butter Fudge had Peanut Butter lovers all over the world drooling. The Cream Puffs were a personal favorite and I ate a ton of them since my Grandfather loved them! The Classic Eggnog is something no self respecting Immortal can do without and the Eggnog Cheesecake was another way to enjoy this holiday staple! Finnish Pulla Bread was a new introduction to many, but was a hit and soon became a favored item! The Snow Globe Cocktail was light and refreshing which gave way to the more heady It's A Miracle and The Night Before Cocktails ready to warm even the coldest of Immortals right up! Frosty The Snowplant was the pinnacle of cheer with his white Campanula blooms and the Immortal Snowglobe was the perfect collectible to cap off this Christmas shop!

From me for now, I say as always, many Happy Holidays to you. I hope you enjoyed buying these items as much as I enjoyed creating them. I always have such a blast with these shops as each one is a revelation of something new and exciting. These shops are always wonderful to make as they are such staples in the Immortal world and we have all come to count on them as part of our celebrations! So please browse, buy and imbibe from each Violets Varieties Occassional Shop with joy and abandon!

Remember to always bank your money...Until the next shop... -V

Okay don't think we're crazy, but the first bulletin regarding Halloween went out on October 12th! *le gasp* I know. It was for good reason tho, it announced the fact that we were holding a Halloween Bio competition this year and it had quite a few rules, so we wanted to give Immortals plenty of time to prepare. Submissions didn't begin until October 24th when we saw the official start of our Halloween celebration on the Immortal games for a few reasons. The first was when you used one of the 2016 Halloween Donator Packs you had the ability to wear a Halloween costume on your page in an additional slot and we wanted to make sure Immortals had plenty of time to use that feature. The second was the Compulsion Capsule!

With the Compulsion Capsule you could Compulse your victim into either, dropping cash, going to capture or Recovery for a time or complete Silence for 5 minutes! Super awesome stuff, but you could only use them until November 20th. After that they became a non-functional collectible, so we wanted people to have plenty of time to use them! Now we had our Halloween costumes on, we were compulsing people and able to submit our Halloween Bios and post our submissions in both forum contests; Pumpkin Decorating and Halloween House Banners. We're good until Halloween right? Wrong.

Violets Varieties opened on the 28th with a whole new slew of creepy goodness that you can read about in the collectible corner section of this newsletter and on Mischief Night the fun hit the fan! The Goblins, who are an invisible staple in the Immortal Community in charge of the safeguarding and distribution of gold went completely batshit! The excitement of Halloween overtook them, as it does once in a great while, and they were running amok all over the Immortal world attempting to block the ability to obtain or use anything of value especially gold, cash and souls! Immortals had to use Sugar Cubes stashed by the Ancients to combat the Goblins greed and replace it with gluttony! Once you stuffed a Goblin full of Sugar Cubes, you needed to drag them to one of the Drunk tanks on the Explore page in all the cities to keep them contained until the day passed and they slept off their sugar stupor!

The Top Ten that were best at wrangling the Greedy Goblins were:
On Night: MattMick22 DAngalo [413992] 554 Goblins, Xeny [385483] 383 Goblins, Daemian PenDragon [982217] 356 Goblins, THE GREEDY GOBLIN [3022486] 355 Goblins, ChiChi [3123978] 345 Goblins, ~.:Lady Rose :.~ [1363487] 315 Goblins, HecateBlackDog [1194147] 304 Goblins, Nick Ulrich [3111080] 298 Goblins, Nova WONKA Kartikeya [593352] 293 Goblins and Alex Savage [3133168] 245 Goblins!!
On Day: Valid [113853] 777 Goblins, .Chanel #2. [97522] 666 Goblins, Borden [141086] 332 Goblins, Casey. [776] 222 Goblins, Calistra [184077] 194 Goblins, DrCharlottePreston [35270] 153 Goblins, Rayne [100648] 140 Goblins, kind [1420] 128 Goblins, Danny J. Wiggins [169662] 121 Goblins and Pandora [3091] 115 Goblins!!

Finally Halloween came and it didn't disappoint! The Bite Wars were introduced to the Immortal Games!! The object of the Bite Wars was to "Turn" as many people as possible into your original Species. You needed 50% of your max Cunning, Energy and Will to bite and turn someone successfully. You could attempt a bite at 25% each, but there wass a chance that the tables would turn on you and you would be turned into the opposite species! The Lycans won the first Immortal Bite War with 2348 Bites on Night! The Vampires won the first Immortal Bite War with 1173 Bites on Day!

The Top Ten Biters on Night were:
-Carnage- [2258917] 559 Bites, .Sparkeee. [357329] 390 Bites, OneBlood [667987] 336 Bites, Jacqueline [2368407] 254 Bites, Bronwyn Arioch [2886593] 247 Bites, Lady Faust [3007045] 208 Bites, Samuel Cooper [39931] 206 Bites, Freyja [350886] 206 Bites, Rock_Monkey [199559] 188 Bites and Kisses of Darkness [3048850] 187

The Top Ten Biters on Day were:
Trinidad [21123] 365 Bites, Valid [113853] 359 Bites, Rayne [100648] 334 Bites, ~*~Pazima~*~ [128] 300 Bites, Synful DeSchain [100943] 291 Bites, Cinema [205] 272 Bites, .:Monarch:. [384] 264 Bites, .Chanel #2. [97522] 241 Bites, Astraia Disturbed [10629] 222 Bites and Zlytas, the Simi [82012] 205 Bites!!

The Halloween Bio Competition, Pumpkin Decorating and House Banners contest were all terrific, but there are so many winners to post that I had to be choosy. That you to all who took the time to work on these contests and pour so much of your creativity into the games! We love you and appreciate you for it! We certainly hope that you had a great time this Halloween on the Immortal Games and this was quite the fun one to put together for us! There were lots of tricks and treats in the games and we hope that was true for you at home as well!

Violet Gives Thanks To The Immortal Community!

To My Very Dear Immortals,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for you and your support in a very difficult time. My Grandfather, whom I loved very much and had a huge impact on me departed from this life on November 23rd, the day before Thanskgiving this year.

At that time very few among you knew what had happened, but the support from those few got me through that holiday both at home and the events held on the games. Prizes and decisions were delayed as I journeyed back home. Nikita, like a true partner, assumed so many of my responsibilites during that week so I could go to pay my final respects and to lay to rest a man that I had a huge amount of appreciation for. I will forever be grateful to her for that.

He would never have played the games, he would never have walked in our virtual community. In fact I don't think he ever used a computer or cell phone a day in his life. A fact that most of us find to be infathomable in our daily lives given who we are. And yet even so, I am confident that had you known him you would have liked him and had he known you, he would have liked you.

I had posted a bit about him in my Violets Varieties Christmas Shop thread. I spoke of how he was really an awesome guy who had a great love for life. He was an Army Vet of the Korean war, loved American football and open wheel racing. About how he was a tough guy with a soft heart and a wicked sense of humor that all made him extremely likable. About how he could fix anything, included every one, joked all the time and always did the right thing. He would have been 90 in December, but he'll always be Immortal to me.

I had made a Cream Puff for my Christmas Shop because those were his favorite and in the thread I mentioned that privately I had mailed a few select Immortals that for better or worse had been significant in my life over the past 7 years on the Immortal Games to ask if they would join me in raising a virtual Cream Puff and toasting his life. As a testament to the actual character of those I mailed and to the honorable man my Grandfather was, every single one of them accepted. In the thread I invited everyone who played to join me again in doing so if it felt right to them. The number of Immortals who did astounded me. Both publicly and privately they joined me in toasting him and offered words of such kind support that it was a struggle sometimes to read them through the tears.

We come from all over the world. From all kinds of backgrounds. Many different cultures and levels of education. Our ages range from 17 to 70. We run the gammut on personalities. We laugh, we fight, we form friendships, we war. I don't know many of your names, or what you look like, or if you chew with your mouth open or closed, or what your favorite color is. But one thing I know for absolutely certain. This is a community made up of good people and it has never been more apparent to me than now. I thank you. I thank you for your support. I thank you for your lives and I thank you for choosing to be a part of mine. May you always be Immortal!

- Violet

Please Keep In Mind While Playing The Games!
To close out this edition of the newsletter, there are a few things to keep in mind while playing the games that bear mentioning to make everyones lives run more smoothly.

Nikita and Violet are only 2 people. As you can see from the content of this newsletter that in a quarter of a year (3 months), particularly the last quarter a lot of events are held for your playing enjoyment. Multiple events are held for each holiday. Every single one of those events requires a lot of thought, writing, logistics, planning, coding, checking, execution, rechecking and often after they run additional thought, planning, writing, coding and execution. We working on these things for weeks and sometimes over a month...every month to bring you special events. There are so many components to a single event it can be staggering. Even for events that have been run before tweaks and adjustments large and small need to be made depending on the event and how we might be updating it.

The events are a huge task in and of themselves and in most game organizations have a dedicated team consisting of several people whose responsibilities are only that. We do not. It is just Nikita and Violet who do this in additional to all the other daily activities needed to keep the game up and running such as reading and responding to player mails, Pit Cases, Player Reports, Player Comments, Greeting and Helping New Players, contacting existing players to make sure they are having a good experience, fixing issues that may arise, balancing the economy, and etcetera, etcetera ad infinitum.

Two people do all that year after year after year. We spend our birthdays and holidays and other special days doing this. We do this when we're sick, when we're exhausted, when we're sick of doing this, yet we do it anyway. Am I telling you this for gratitude, not really, the fact that you play is great gratitude. I'm telling you this for understanding. Yes, sometimes you have to wait a few days for your event prizes or for things to be put in the Cabinet. Yes, there are Bugs that happen in the new events or things are snafued up pretty good. Please understand that it is not from a lack of hard work or desire to have it go right. It is because we are 2 people doing the work load of 10. So we are very sorry when things don't go according to plan, but we do care that it hasn't and even tho we're already overworked, we'll work even harder to make it right. We very much appreciate those of you who already understand this and for those of you that didn't...we hope that maybe you'll have a better understanding of it from now on.

We would also like to give a shout out to the Moderators of the Immortal Games. These few Volunteer Players are invaluable to our community. They work very hard, often with very little in the way of thanks, to help the Admin keep certain areas of the games running as smoothly as possible. This is a GREAT service to us, because as you can see the Admin simply do not have the time to keep up with every forum posting and spend vast amounts of time in chat. You may not always agree with a mods ruling or even like them as a person, but please recognize that they are doing their best to help maintain order and the rules set forth by Admin. At the very least they deserve your courtesy, but in honesty they deserve your respect for giving up their time to provide a much needed service to the games for practically nothing in return.